Hakan Başar (Jr.) who was born in 2004 began playing piano when he was 8 and the he has been doing his initial sudies with Mikhail Iskrov from Moscow State Conservatory. After these ephemeral studies, he has begun jazz piano studies with his father, who is guitarist.

         He has studied curriculums of jazz pianist like respectively Noah Baerman, Bill Cunliffe, Andy LaVerne, David Berkman, Andrew D. Gordon, Jeb Patton, Neil Olmstead, John Valerio, Bill dobbins, Mark Levine , Clare Fischer. Then, he gave his first convert, 5th Pera Music Festival, when he was 10 with transciption and repertoire of Michel Petrucciani, Oscar Peterson, Keith Jarrett, Hank Jones, Bill Evans, Kenny Barron, Tommy Flanagan.

         Later on , he has taken the stage at events like Cercle d'Orient, Caddebostan Cultural Center, İstanbul Hilton, BBVA (Esma Sultan), Akbank Syndicated Loan Signing Ceremony (Raffles Hotel), AkçanSA (Sabancı Center) with projects "Tribute Michel Petrucciani", "Tribute Oscar Peterson & Keith Jarrett" etc.

         Başar continues his musical studies at full steam besides his education. His tentative album records were recorded at İTÜ MİAM Studions in end of 2015. After he has taken part in written and visual media many times, he has been finalist of İstanbul Jazz Festival Young Jazz, organised by İKSV, so he deserved giving concert within festival. In the end of 2016, he took part in main news bulletins of CNN Türk and TRT1, began to being known country-wide. By the way, he has continued his piano studies with Samad Kamalı for first time, has begun album preparings under the producing of İzzet Öz. Zuhal Muzik (Uniq İstanbul) and again Cercle d'Orient were last events of 2016.

         The new season, that started on 8th February 2017 with Akbank Sanat concert, has continued with İzmir European Jazz Festival on 17th March 2017, İstanbul Jazz Festival press meeting on 28th March 2017, Remembrance Night of Ahmet Ertegün on 29th March May 2017, 7th Pera Music Festival on 8th May 2017, Ankara Jazz Festival on 17 May 2017, Kenan Doğulu Harbiye Open Air Theatre concert on 22nd June 2017 and 15th August 2017, İstanbul Jazz Festival on 8th July 2017 and 50th Art Year of İzzet Öz. His concert within Akbank Jazz Festival will be at Saint Benoit stage on 9th November 2017...

         Within this time period, he has met world- wide jazz artist like Ron Carter, Russell Malone , Donald Vega, Chick Corea, Eddie Gomez and he swapped information with Chick Corea about his studies. He has started studying with Baki Duyarlar, who is one of the most important jazz pianists in our country, beginning from April. We can rank Nezih Yeşilnil, Ferit Odman, Yarkın Tuncer, Alkan Başar, Berkan Tilavel, Yunus Muti, Türker Çolak, Ozan Musuloğlu, İlhan Erşahin, Tolga Bilgin, Neşat Ruacan, Deniz Dündar, Berker Şahin, Turgut Alp Bekoğlu, İzzet Kızıl, Kristian Lind , Şenova Ülker, Cem Aksel , Tamer Temel, Han Slinger, Jeroen Elfferich among musicians who take the stage with him.

GSM     :0532 426 25 50

TEL      :0216 455 12 48

E-POSTA : hbasar1@yahoo.com.tr